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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys need refined and established investigators to provide professional criminal defense investigations supporting the advocacy of clients.  Rebecca Dixon works closely with criminal defense attorneys for defense preparation of State and Federal misdemeanor and/or felony criminal cases. She has built her reputation in the field of criminal defense investigations and has worked many Federal and State criminal cases throughout the State of New Hampshire. During the investigative process, Rebecca Dixon has developed her expertise in private investigation services through her extensive pre-trial and post-conviction criminal defense work.

Criminal Defense Investigations

• Evaluation of the police investigation
• Obtaining police reports and statements
• Locating witnesses
• Witness interviews / statements
• Background investigation of witnesses and complainants
• Crime scene searches / canvasses
• Development of alternate suspects
• Photographic and videotape
• Taking possession and storing of evidence
• Records retrieval
• Process service
• Court testimony
• Witness preparation

Rebecca Dixon has a strong track record in civil case investigation's. Investigative services effectively assist counsel in providing litigation support and research in counsel’s civil cases in the areas of:

  • Personal Injury and wrongful death
  • Insurance defense and insurance fraud
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Product liability

Litigation support is critical in preparation of trial and in the midsts of trial. Rebecca Dixon prides herself in seeing each case from the beginning through the end. She is accustom to making herself available throughout trial offering continued investigation as trial unfolds and while being sequestered for impeachment purposes. Witness support and preparing witnesses in being comfortable in taking the stand to testify is a attribute cultivated as a staff investigator with the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office.

Rebecca Dixon is seasoned and experienced in assisting counsel in their representation of Estate and Probate cases.

It is not uncommon for an estate to be contested. Often times “attacks” on an estate happen well before a loved one has passed away and key family members may not be aware. Rebecca Dixon offers investigative services in:

  • Conducting background investigations on caregivers and assisted living facilities;
  • Investigating a new companion or others who have inserted themselves into the life of a family’s wealthy and widowed patriarch or matriarch;
  • Reviewing questioned documents, such as previously unknown wills and codicils;
  • Searching for a decedent’s assets, or for an estranged sibling named in a will, or the unknown heirs of someone who has passed intestate.

Benefits of Rebecca Dixon’s investigations:

Gauge witnesses’ demeanor and credibility
Ferret out details of witnesses’ stories and strategize as to how to handle their testimony at trial
Impeach witnesses who say something on the stand that’s inconsistent with what they told the defense
Establish a foundation for arguing witnesses who refuse to speak to the defense are biased against the defendant
Find leads for new evidence and people to interview