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"Rebecca Dixon is an excellent investigator. Writing from the viewpoint of a client, I found her to be extraordinarily professional and trustworthy. Rebecca is calm, patient and unflappable. These traits enable her to be successful in both arranging and completing interviews with a wide range of types of people. Never one to rest, Rebecca is always looking to improve by taking courses and asking for feedback. Her breadth of experience with the judicial system, attorneys, clients and witnesses makes her an expert in her field. To top it off, she’s a warm, loving human being who deeply cares about doing her job at the highest level."

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Ask Attorneys What They Think Of Rebecca Dixon Investigative Services

Having shown herself to be a highly skilled, prompt, detailed oriented proactive investigator who worked on some of the programs most difficult cases with excellent results, Rebecca's performance and evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. I refer private attorneys to her because I have a great faith in her.

Mary Hawkes Director of Investigations for the New Hampshire Public Defender Office

Rebecca earned a reputation among attorneys as a talented and hardworking team member. Years of private investigative work, integrity, ethics, intuition and communication skills produced great investigative results causing senior attorneys to admire her ability to handle every type of case from juveniles to clients facing the death penalty. I have never met an investigator I would rather work with.

Jeannette Sheldon Capital Mitigation Services of Tucson, AZ

Rebecca's investigative skills have greatly assisted my clients in a complete investigation of their case and assisting in the litigation of those cases. Rebecca's years of experience are reflected in her self-assure and thoroughness in completing investigations. She excels in locating and interviewing reluctant witnesses and presents clear and concise reports. She also performs her duties with high standards of ethics, produces reliable information, all submitted in a timely fashion.

George Ostler, Attorney Norwich, VT

Having spent 26 years working in the criminal justice system, first as a prosecutor then as a defense attorney, I understand and appreciate how important a good investigator is and how invaluable their contribution to a case. The facts are everything in a criminal case, and Rebecca Dixon is relentless in her search for favorable facts.

It was my pleasure to work with Rebecca on several homicide defense cases, including a capital case. Rebecca is smart, knowledgeable and dedicated. She cares about justice for your client. She is a skilled interviewer. She writes competent, professional reports and she is a credible witness if you need her to testify. Above all, she is ethical and has a great reputation.

In short, you do your client a great service by retaining Rebecca Dixon.

Barbara Keshen, Attorney Concord, NH

Rebecca you did first rate work on our clients case.  You were tenacious, creative, exercised good judgment, and demonstrated an unusual ability to encourage witnesses to fully engage with you.

Martin G. Weinberg, Attorney Boston, MA

I have been a criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years. Rebecca is my “go to” person when I have a serious case. Rebecca is diligent, persistent and dedicates herself to my clients’ causes wholeheartedly. Rebecca has an uncanny ability to get people to talk to her, which often proves critical to a clients defense. She is particularly adept at ethically convincing reluctant witnesses, including those aligned with the prosecution, to speak with her – often to my great surprise. She writes thorough reports of her conversations. I highly recommend Rebecca and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about her work.

Cathy Green, Attorney Manchester, NH

I and my office have worked closely with Rebecca Dixon on a number of criminal cases since 2005. Ms. Dixon has always been professional and has proven to be diligent, reliable and self-motivated investigator who has enabled me to reach favorable dispositions as well as develop effective trial strategies in a number of cases. I have found one of Ms. Dixon’s key strengths to be her ability to develop a rapport with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Even when some of these individual’s are what would be deemed hostile witnesses. Ms. Dixon has been able to gain their confidence and not only obtain additional leads but also to provide me with information which is necessary to prepare for an effective cross examination. I can not recommend Ms. Dixon highly enough.

Aaron Simpson, Attorney Lebanon, NH

I am a practicing Attorney in Laconia, New Hampshire and have practiced criminal and civil law in this State since 1982. I have known Ms. Dixon for more than fifteen years. I call on Ms. Dixon to investigate matters both criminal and civil in both State Court and Federal Court. She has handled particularly difficult criminal matters for me, which required interviews of both cooperating and potentially uncooperative witnesses. I confess that at times I have been astounded by her work product. I can honestly say that the work she had done for me in my office has benefited both my practice and my clients enormously. She is experienced, professional and diligent. Rebecca is willing to go the extra yard in pursuit of a worthwhile goal. I highly recommend her services.

David Bownes, Attorney Laconia, NH

I have worked with Rebecca Dixon on several cases through the years, both as a Public Defender and in private practice. Rebecca is a diligent and persistent investigator. Her interviews of State witnesses were instrumental in two jury trial acquittals. Rebecca is professional and thorough. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Dennis O’Connor, Attorney Conway, NH

I highly recommend Rebecca Dixon as an Investigator. I have worked with Rebecca on multiple occasions since 2002 and found her work to be excellent in every instance. What I particularly like about Rebecca is her tenacity in locating and speaking to witnesses. I find that she takes every opportunity to track down witnesses and in every instance has had them speak to her. I am also impressed with her instincts with regard to additional witnesses and additional investigation that will be helpful to the case. Rebecca is always responsive to requests and communications and has been easily accessible by phone and e-mail whenever I have needed to talk to her. I believe that Rebecca goes over and above with regards to her efforts.

Kimberly A. Shoen, Attorney Somersworth, NH

In 2001, when Rebecca Dixon worked as an investigator for the New Hampshire Public Defender, she was assigned as an investigator in a homicide case involving a woman charged with second degree murder for the shooting death of her husband.  Ms. Dixon uncovered facts regarding the couple’s living situation at the time of the shooting, documented the relationship during the couples 38 years of marriage, including any history of domestic violence. Witnesses were conflicted in their loyalties, reluctant to disclose intimate family history, or suffered with faded memories. Nevertheless, her patient and compassionate style won over the witnesses and gather all the information we needed. We presented to the jury a full and complete history of the marriage leading up to the shooting, all of which was necessary for the jury to understand the nuances of the self-defense claim. Our client was acquitted. Ms. Dixon was invaluable during trial, keeping me organized and managing the witnesses, including coordinating their subpoenas, fees and appearances. I enthusiastically recommend Rebecca Dixon for criminal investigation.

Caroline L. Smith N.H. Public Defender

I have used Rebecca Dixon’s investigative services on several occasions since 2008. Rebecca’s investigative and interviewing skills have been helpful in securing interviews with complainants and/or difficult witnesses and professionals, and have resulted in a very favorable results in a variety of felon cases. I have found her to be diligent in her work and effective in her findings. Rebecca has produced effective and timely interviews supported by accurate and concise written documentation of her findings.

Charlie Buttrey, Attorney Lebanon, NH

I have had the opportunity to utilize the services of Rebecca Dixon a number of times over the past several years on a variety of different cases ranging from aggravated felonious sexual assault to stalking and simple assault. I have found Rebecca to be a skilled investigator and very adept at obtaining statements from witnesses who may not always be cooperative with defense counsel. The results of her investigations have led to better results for clients and allowed counsel to better defend clients as well.

Dennis L. Morgan Conway, NH

I have used Rebecca Dixon’s Trial Counsel investigative services several times in the past on federal prosecutions with very good results. Rebecca has obtained good information from potential witnesses, reports results swiftly and is prompt with billing paperwork. If you are looking for a top investigator to handle criminal or civil matters in New Hampshire on a case by case basis, Rebecca is an excellent choice.

Douglas J. Beaton, Attorney North Andover, MA

Rebecca Dixon was an investigator for me on an interesting project. She did a bang-up job. She dropped everything and did the work I asked her to do immediately. The work was of excellent quality.

John Astuno, Attorney Denver, CO

Rebecca is able to find witnesses, ask the right questions, get reliable information, and transmit it unfiltered, on time and on budget. Rebecca takes the initiative to ask witnesses more than I anticipated, raising with alternative theories to consider. I can’t imagine what more someone would hope or expect to get from a P.I.

Ted Barnes, Attorney Concord, NH

Rebecca worked for the Bureau of Intelligence on a subcontractor basis for the past three years. During that time she has always presented herself in a professional and responsible manner. Her work has been consistent, precise and of good quality. She is an individual who is a pleasure to work with and who also posses a special talent for dealing with people. I would be more than willing to give any additional recommendations if needed.

Janet R. Blylthe President Bureau of Intelligence, Plainville, MA

Rebecca is at all times professional, prompt, and diligent. As a criminal defense attorney, I am particularly impressed by her understanding of the law and the strategic considerations inherent in preparing a case for trial. She is not only a sound decision-maker in the field, she offers invaluable insight and input that helps guide the trial preparation process. Rebecca is highly personable, and approaches investigations with an empathy and understanding that puts people at ease and makes them comfortable discussing serious, and often emotionally difficult matters. I am consistently amazed at the manner in which she is able to encourage people, even those who might have interests very much adverse to those of our clients, to open up and speak freely. Rebecca can be absolutely tenacious in the pursuit of her goal. Rebecca would be an invaluable asset to any organization or individual in need of a team member who is organized, thoughtful, and committed. I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation or hesitation.

Ghazi D. Al-Marayati, Attorney Malden, MA

I am a solo practitioner primarily doing criminal defense work. I started my career at the New Hampshire Public Defender’s Office in 2004. During my time with the Public Defender I routinely used the in-house investigators for witness interviews and other investigative needs. After leaving the Public Defender to enter private practice I quickly realized that the investigators at the Public Defender were far superior to those in the private sector. Then I found Rebecca. Rebecca is now my go-to investigator for both major and minor cases. I have sent her under bridges to explore homeless encampments and to businesses to interview professionals. She is professional, efficient and thorough. Her instincts are spot on. Above all else, Rebecca is kind, engaging and tactful with everyone she meets. It is without hesitation that I offer my endorsement for Rebecca Dixon.

Robin Melone, Attorney Nashua, NH